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Whistler Records News

This is Cinema

Coming in July from Whistler Records is the much-anticipated, debut album by This is Cinema. This local duo employs a dizzying array of electronics and instruments to create a sound that ranges from electro-inspired freakouts to ambient and ethereal, all the while maintaining a focus on tight, pop songwriting. This is Cinema will be appearing live at the Whistler tomorrow—Wednesday, May 23rd—and at Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival on Friday, July 20th. The band will then be touring the eastern United States and Canada in support of their new album. If you’d like to help set up a show for these guys on the east coast in late-July/August, please email


We just did a second pressing of In Tall Buildings debut album, which you can pick up here. Bandleader Erik Hall will be a busy guy this summer. He’s working on the next In Tall Buildings record in his spare time between tours with ITB and his other two bands, NOMO and Wild Belle (who, by the way, just signed with EMI last week). In Tall Buildings will also be appearing at the Do Division Street Fest on Saturday, June 2nd, and will be adding a second Chicago street festival appearance later this summer — stay tuned for details on that one.

Cains & Abels

Cains & Abels new album, My Life Is Easy, just came out on Whistler Records a few weeks ago and so far the response has been great. The band also has a lathe cut 7” and music video for their single “Stay Home Tonight”, plus another 7” on the way for "Money". Cains & Abels are performing at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival on Saturday, July 21st and are planning a short tour and residency later this summer.

And last but not least: Look for instrumental noise-mongers Relay Beken to drop their debut album via Whistler Records later this summer.