Showing tonight at the Odd Obsession Foreign Film Series at The Whistler:

Macunaíma (1968, Brazil)

Macunaíma is a hard-to-find Brazilian film that the staff at Odd Obsession has been championing for years. When it first opened in New York theaters in 1968, the film was dubbed “Jungle Freaks” and advertised in the Village Voice as “95 Minutes of Brazil Nuts.” Despite the hyperbole, “Macunaima” was a highpoint for the Brazilian film industry and is an excellent example of the Tropicalia movement. The film’s political undertones are probably lost on most U.S. audiences today, however the sheer strangeness of this film makes it a must see. After “Macunaima” you will be treated to some other 60’s Brazilian art films, such as “Terra Em Transe” and “How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman”.

Showtime is 7:00pm.


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