via PopMatters:

While the easiest way to describe Chicago’s Cains & Abels is to call ‘em a ‘70s folk-rock revival act, there’s something more contemporary to their music than that tag captures. Certainly, mainman David Sampson’s handiwork has an affinity for singer-songwriters of yesteryear, but the Cains & Abels sound has a current feel to it. PopMatters is premiering the video for the band’s single “Stay Home Tonight” from their recently released album My Life Is Easy, and it’s hard not to notice how its poignant twang, touches of reverb, and off-kilter vocals recall a more contemplative version of an early Band of Horses song.

Cains & Abels will be releasing a limited edition 7” single of “Stay Home Tonight” this Saturday, April 21, exclusively for Record Store Day, which they are marking with an in-store performance at Chicago’s Saki Store (Carrot Top Distribution). The 7” features the title track A-side and a rendition of Harry Nilsson’s “Turn on Your Radio” on the flip side.