Glad Cloud is a monthly series that celebrates the rich landscape of Chicago musicians working with ambient music. The series provides an opportunity for ambient artists to color the air, walls, and liquids of the Whistler in a deliberately non-intrusive manner. Visitors can enjoy their cocktails and companions while the music envelops the room around them.

Performing at Glad Cloud tonight is Sebetha, the ambient project of Gregg Medley. The focus of the group is to build introspective, slow-moving soundscapes driven by guitars, bass drones, and samples of orchestral music recordings. Members for this performance will include Medley, Adam Cohen-Leadholm (Bricklayers Foundation), Jordan Martins (The Plastic Council, Angela James) and Clifton Ingram (curator Brown Rice).

Also performing is Estesombelo, a local group that’s developed a unique mixture of solemn silence and spacious tones woven into epic textures. From their interests in ambient/drone music and the work of 20th-21st century composers, Estesombelo has honed their aesthetic of experimental drone while expanding the confines of repetition and variation.


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