Marquis Hill performs every Tuesday in April at The Whistler’s Relax Attack Jazz Series. The lineup will feature Marquis Hill (trumpet), Dustin Laurenzi (tenor sax), Christopher McBride (alto sax on April 15th), Stu Mindeman (keyboard), Joshua Ramos (bass), Junius Paul (bass on April 8th), and Makaya McCraven (drums/beats). All showtimes at 9:30pm. Free admission.

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On April 28th & 29th at The Whistler, the Relax Attack Jazz Series and The Bridge present a transatlantic exchange program featuring musicians from Chicago and France. Both concerts start at 9:30pm. Free admission.

April 28th: Julien Desprez (guitar), Mathieu Sourisseau (acoustic bass) + Mankwe Ndosi (vocals), Keefe Jackson (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Jason Adasiewicz (vibes), Dan Bitney (keys, electronics), Avreeayl Ra (drums, percussion)

April 29th: Julien Desprez (guitar), Mathieu Sourisseau (acoustic bass) + Mankwe Ndosi (vocals), Ed Wilkerson (tenor sax, clarinet), Jason Stein (bass clarinet), Marquis Hill (trumpet), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Avreeayl Ra (drums, percussion).


The Bloodline Sessions are live performances recorded and mixed live in Logan Square using a variety of media, from analog tape to HD video. All audio is recorded and mixed by former Whistler bartender Alex Pilkington, often on his Tascam 388, and sometimes on his computer when analog technology is acting up. The recordings can be super HD or super lo-fi, depending on the day. All live, no bullshit. The concert on April 6th with MAMA and The Thons will help raise funds to maintain Bloodline’s A/V gear.

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James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party at The Whistler

Tomorrow night at The Whistler DJ’s adamwaytz and andymasur present James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party. It’s a night of tribute to the Godfather of Soul, showcasing songs performed, written, inspired by or sampled from James Brown. Also their flyer for the event makes reference to one of the best SNL skits ever. Too hot in the hot tub, OW!

Even better than a night of smoking hot soul, all cocktails on the menu tomorrow will be $6. So you might not end up a sex machine (unless you really play your cards right) but at least you can spend the evening being a drinking machine.

The James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party is tomorrow night, March 26, at 9:30 p.m. at The Whistler (2421 N. Milwaukee) and there is no cover to attend.


For the March edition of CRIMSON GLOW, Chicago artist Brook Sinkinson Withrow will showcase the music of women in hip-hop who deal with sex in frank terms — rapping and singing about consent, respect, desire, nicknames and moves explicitly in the 1990’s and since. Brook had the privilege of an inclusive and real sexual education called Our Whole Lives in her formative years, and she wants to present this same attitude of respect and openness while letting women’s words about wanting dick tickle our ears. Expect to hear from Salt-n-Pepa, Bytches With Problems, En Vogue, Khia, TLC, Missy Elliott and more.

Brook will provide a free mix and other goodies (ahem) for y’all’s taking. So come in and get down!

Brook Sinkinson Withrow is an artist with a varied writing practice who organizes and programs, especially moving image and sonic material. She selects songs at bars from time to time, co-directs a project space in Pilsen called Forever & Always, and collaborates often.

CRIMSON GLOW creates a space for femminess and feminists who want to dance to, and sing along with, amazing woman-made music from all genres. CRIMSON GLOW is committed in equal measures to allowing engagement with the work of innovative musical pioneers and fostering dance party enjoyment.

CRIMSON GLOW is inspired by queer dance parties like Chances Dances and feminist music movements like Riot Grrrl. We welcome women, girls and all other gender expressions. We use GENDER NEUTRAL bathroom signs. The Whistler is ADA accessible.

Tonight at The Whistler: Day At The Gate + Thrice Upon A Time

Day at the Gate is a new psychedelic lounge music project by Chicago musicians John Lennox (Panoramic & True) and Curtis Ruptash (Peabody & Sherman). The duo explores an eclectic range of music (pop, jazz, funk—anything), treating well-known tunes and original compositions to a fun wash of ambient tape loops and audio installation techniques. Inspired by minimalist composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich, by more pop-based experimentalists Brian Eno and Syd Barrett, and by found sound, Lennox and Ruptash use Day at the Gate collaboration as a musical way to draw shapes in the clouds and to show the cloudiness of all shapes. Get dazed, get awakened.

Thrice Upon A Time is a new trio put together by Uruguayan born multi-instrumentalist and composer Elbio Barilari. The new outfit feels at ease in the outer limits of music, combining electronic textures and processed sounds produced by Barilari’s and Reid Karris’ guitars, with the abstract drumming favored by Kg Price with the most diverse influences from both jazz and European “experimental” music. Their set at The Whistler will mark the first time they make a public performance as a trio.