Tomorrow night at The Whistler, Claire Arctander and Latham Zearfoss present CRIMSON GLOW, a monthly night featuring women-made music. CRIMSON GLOW creates a space for femminess and feminists who want to dance to, and sing along with, amazing woman-made music from all genres. CRIMSON GLOW is committed in equal measures to allowing engagement with the work of innovative musical pioneers and fostering dance party enjoyment.
This month CRIMSON GLOW welcomes Jessica Harvey, a tender and hilarious Chicago-based visual artist. Jessica will show new work from her current video project entitled ‘100 songs to cry to,’ wherein she records herself singing to 100 different songs that bring her to tears. With these videos, she investigates the psychology of crying, ties between music and emotion, and stigmas attached to crying women while referencing the bedroom confessional and ‘selfie’ culture that is now prevalent in the digital world. To compliment this work, Jessica will present Sleater-Kinney’s 1997 album Dig Me Out in its entirety. A formative record for many burgeoning feminists of our generation (your hosts included!), Dig Me Out is in turns sharp, sweet, biting and sad. Jessica will also distribute a specially-made zine.

Saturday, October 26: Odd Obsession Foreign Film Series presents The Boxer’s Omen

This month’s Halloween inspired feature is yet again an Odd Obsession Movies favorite - BOXER’S OMEN - The director of Killer Snakes (another O.O. favorite) returns to terrify viewers with this tale of a fallen boxer whose quest for an omen with the power to break a long-running family curse leads to an action filmed adventure through a horrific land of nightmares and death. When the punches start flying and the creatures of the underworld come out to play, the battle is on to defeat the powers of evil, and free his family from the evil hex that binds them. Bolo Yeung (Tuff dude from Blood Sport!!!) & Lung Wei Wang star in a classic supernatural martial arts film from the prolific Shaw Brothers. Hong Kong. 1983, 99 min.


All vinyl selection from Impala Sound’s Esteban Lagrue, Dave Mata & Rad Brian & Nic the Graduate. Cosmos Ray, Daniel Fernandez & Slacky J bless the mic!

We’ll be showing a variety of Shaw Brothers Horror films from the 70’s & 80’s with gratuitous terror throughout the night to accompany the music after the screening. Tunes spanning rare grooves and classics from all shades of brown rhythms. Expect some Heavy Dub & Dancehall chunes later in the night. If you been to one a these before, you know what I mean!

Happily brought to you each month by Odd Obsession Movies, Impala Sound & The Whistler.

*A word to the wise* Get to the Whistler early.. This joint fills up quick!

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Brooklyn’s Starlight Girls put out a five-song, self-titled EP of noirish, ’60s-steeped indie pop last year, and their next release should be even better suited to the nighttime hours. This summer they’re set to issue a new 7-inch single, produced by Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart and pressed as a limited-edition picture disc featuring glow-in-the-dark images of constellations… Peaking Lights’ psychedelic grooves and TEEN’s fluttery retro-pop also come to mind as reference points for a record that will be undeniably luminous.

Starlight Girls perform tomorrow night at The Whistler with Spooky Moon. No cover. 21+.