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Tonight we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Movieoke at The Whistler! Act out your favorite movie scenes in front of a bar full of super awesome people and win prizes, like free passes to see The Punk Singer, a new documentary about Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre), and gift certificates from Odd Obsession Movies, Facets Multi-Media, and the Gene Siskel Film Center. 9pm-2am.

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Windy City Rock:

Sunday, November 24th: Negative Scanner at The Whistler (10pm, 21+, FREE)

Negative Scanner remind me a lot of tragically under-appreciated ’80s Chicago post-punks DA!, but heavier and a little more pissed off. The common thread is a great one though: both bands have a brooding magnetism about them and both feature incredibly powerful female lead singers. Come for the storm-cloud riffs, stay for Rebecca Valeriano-Flores’ haunting battle-cries.

With Le Tour. Showtime 9:30pm.

The new Angel Olsen song rocks! via Pitchfork:

Most of the songs on Angel Olsen's bewitching full-length debut Half Way Home may have been acoustic, but no matter: her voice box is its own portable source of electricity. Olsen’s live-wire vocals lit up muted, sparsely arranged folk numbers like "Acrobat" and "Tiniest Seed"—the latter of which offered up a line that captured the album’s underlying tension: “It’s known that the tiniest seed is both simple and wild.”

But how wild that seed’s grown: On “Forgiven/Forgotten” the explosive lead-off single from her second album Burn Your Fire for No Witnesses, the instruments around her finally match the intensity of her voice. Foreshadowed earlier this year by her rollicking single "Sweet Dreams", “Forgiven/ Forgotten” is an inspired blast of scorched-earth psych-pop—all charred distortion and kick drum blows that sounds like somebody’s trying to stomp out a fire. Olsen’s voice grows in power as it rushes towards its bared-heart chorus, “I don’t know anything! I don’t know anything! But I love you.” At that, the kick drum steps off. May as well let it burn.

Anyone remember Angel’s first show? It was January 19, 2010 at The Whistler!

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Chicago Magazine:

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and few things define a ‘hood more than its local watering hole. There’s always that one special spot that really just nails it every time. Perfect drinks, great bartenders, fine music, lovely crowd, and such pleasing junk hanging on the walls.

Let’s do an experiment. Clear your thoughts and focus only on alcohol. Whisper to yourself right now: If I were in X neighborhood, I’d definitely get a drink at _____.

Quick, now, before you dash out the door to go for that beverage, find your choices on the list below. We’ll serve up your answers in our February issue’s blowout drinking guide!

Vote for your favorite neighborhood bar here.

CHIRP Night is monthly fundraiser at The Whistler that features a rotating cast of CHIRP DJs, plus live musical performances. CHIRP Radio is a non-profit, volunteer-run, music-, arts-, and culture-focused radio station transmitting live 365 days a year at

Distant Cites are a three-piece from Chicago. Over the last year the band has played with acts like Gauntlet Hair and Moon Furies, and were featured on WLUW’s “The Minimal Beat”.  By utilizing Twitter, Distant Cities have found an ever-growing international audience and been rewarded with a hard-to-translate Dutch review and an interview with a radio station in Wales. Their debut EP “Walk Away” was mixed by Jamie Carter and mastered by Collin Jordan and is augmented live by a drummer and light show featuring lasers.

KSRA is the pet project of Rachel Sarah Thomas. A classically trained vocalist, Thomas was geared to become an opera singer. While studying vocal performance at the University of Michigan Thomas was asked to sing on several electronic projects from other students in the school. She fell in love with the medium, left the classical world, and began to explore. During this time, Thomas was experimenting with recording herself and developed her signature style. Using nothing but her voice and household objects like paper plates and towel racks, she’d compose 50 track pieces in a few hours featuring teeth chatter, grunts, and lush vocal scenes. After college she became a jazz singer and lead singer/keyboard player for psychedelic rock band Automata. KSRA is her most recent and personal project featuring live sampling and mind-blowing vocals.