Thurs, May 8: The Bloodline Sessions presents Courtesy, ADT

The Bloodline Sessions are live performances recorded and mixed live in Logan Square using a variety of media, from analog tape to HD video and everything in between. All audio recorded and mixed live by Alex Pilkington, often on his Tascam 388, or sometime on his computer when analog technology is being a bitch. Could be super HD, could be super lo-fi. All live, no bullshit. The May 8th show will help raise funds to maintain Bloodline’s myriad A/V gear.

Anthonie Tonnon (aka Tono) is touring the US and his Chicago show is at The Whistler on Wednesday, May 7th with Labors and Nicholas Krygovich (No Kids, GIGI, P:ano).

via Anthonie’s blog:

Americans - I have travelled far, and I have arrived. From the pacific Ellis Island that is LAX, where I have proved my literacy and lack of contagious diseases to the relevant authorities, I write to implore you to attend my tour of the United States of America. It begins now, or more specifically Thursday night, at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. 

Please refer to the dates below, or the facebook event. You can also find me on instagram, and as soon as I have figured out how to print my sepia pictures and send them by telegram, I will fill it with pictures of your land. 

Thu 4/24 - Boston: PA’s Lounge, Somerville, supporting Reign of Kindo with blackbutton, and Matthew Santos
Sat, 4/26 - New Haven; Secret House, message for details
Tue 4/29 - NYC: Rockwood Music Hall
Wed 4/30 - Harrisburg: Makespace
Thu 5/1 - Pittsburgh: Secret House, message for details
Sat 5/3 - South Bend: The Pool
Sun 5/4 - Milwaukee: The Opry
Wed 5/7 - Chicago: The Whistler
Thu 5/8 - Columbia: Cafe Berlin
Sun 5/11 - Denver: Ubisibisu Room with Laura Goldhamer
Tue 5/13 - Salt Lake City: Secret House Show, message for details
Sun 5/18 - San Diego: Lestat’s
Tue 5/20 - Los Angeles: Hotel Cafe supporting Eliza Rickman, 7-9pm
Wed 5/21,  Cambria: Wise Owl, 6pm
Thurs 5/22,  Pismo Beach: Shell Cafe, 6:30pm
Fri 23, 5/23  Santa Margarita: The Porch, 
Tue 5/27 - San Francisco: Amnesia supporting Cave Clove and Yassou Benedict
Wed 5/28 - Merced: The DLM presents
Fri 5/30 - Sacramento: Luna’s Cafe
Saturday - 5/31 Seattle: Columbia City Theatre, supporting Sean Nelson

CIMMfest & Odd Obsession Movies present the music documentary Benda Bilili!

Benda Bilili! follows an unlikely group of musicians in Kinshasa, capital of the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. The band, Staff Benda Bilili — in English, “look beyond” — is a group of street musicians composed of four paraplegics and three able-bodied men. The core of the group is four singer/guitarists polio, who use customized tricycles to get around: Ricky, the eldest and a co-founding member of the band; Coco, the band’s composer and co-founding member with Ricky; Junana, the member most disabled by polio, yet the official choreographer; and Coude, a bass player and soprano singer. Joining them is a young and entirely acoustic rhythm section, led by Roger, a teenage prodigy on the satongé, a one-string guitar he designed and built himself out of a tin can.

The screening starts at 7pm. Admission is FREE. After the screening, the Odd Obsession crew will be spinning African and reggae records.

Saturday, April 26: Odd Obsession Foreign Film Series & Dance Party Ting!

Foreign film screening presented by Odd Obsession Movies from 7-9pm. DJs, singers, and chanters from 9pm-3am. All vinyl selection from Impala Sound’s Esteban Lagrue, Dave Mata, Rad Brian, and Nic the Graduate. Friends and special guests bless the mic late night.

Pistol Opera (Japan, 2001)
Japanese cult director Seijun Suzuki’s combination sequel to and remake of his 1967 classic gangster film Branded To Kill stars Makiko Esumi as Miyuki Minazuki, aka “the Stray Cat,” a beautiful female assassin. She is number three in the hierarchy of killers in her criminal organization at the beginning of the film, but soon a battle breaks out among the assassins, all of whom are trying to become the number one killer by murdering their competition. Miyuki finds herself fighting her fellow assassins one by one, encountering along the way such eccentrically-nicknamed opponents as The Teacher, who is confined to a wheelchair, Painless Surgeon, a bearded Westerner who literally feels no pain, and Dark Horse (Masatoshi Nagase), who wears a blond wig and has a perpetual case of the sniffles. Also making an appearance is Goro Hanada, the hero of Branded To Kill (played in the original by Jo Shishido, but here by Mikijiro Hira), who becomes a mentor to Miyuki, and is now known as number zero. The film’s skeletal plot mostly allows director Suzuki to develop elaborate visual tableaus that stretch the possibilities of narrative cinema.