Tonight: LAGOS presents JAZZ 5

Radius (Chicago) and LEO123 (Mexico City) experiment and improvise with jazz records, a record player, and Kaoss Pad. Playing all jazz selections ranging from to Bebop to Latin influences and experimental compositions, the duo are recording tonight’s improvisational aesthetics for their next mix, Jazz 5.

Saturday, July 26th: Odd Obsessions Foreign Film Series & Dance Party Ting!

The 32nd installment of our monthly foreign film series and all vinyl dance Party featuring resident DJs Impala Sound Champions and films from Odd Obsession Movies.

This month we feature a screening of the infamous 1983 Australian BMX biker/heist film
BMX Bandits starring a weirdo teenage Nicole Kidman in her first film role! Showtime is 7pm.

Following BMX Bandits all vinyl selections from Impala Sound’s Esteban Lagrue, Dave Mata, Rad Brian, and Nic the Graduate with special guests Cosmos Ray & Daniel Fernandez on the mic.

We’ll be showing a variety of Aussie Exploitation films from the 70’s & 80’s throughout the night to accompany the music after the screening. Expect some Heavy Dub and Dancehall chunes later in the night.

Monday, July 21st: Glad Cloud Ambient Music Series

Glad Cloud is a monthly series that celebrates the rich landscape of Chicago musicians working with ambient music. Visitors can enjoy their cocktails and companions while the music envelops the room around them. This month’s installment of Glad Cloud is curated by Mark Trecka of Pillars and Tongues, and will serve as an after-party for the band’s performance at Pritzker Pavillion in Millenium Park earlier in the evening.

RXM Reality is the moniker of local electronic artist Mike Meegan, whose work at times fits neatly in the categories of techno and house music. Just as often, however, the listener is lofted to a place entirely outside of the club. Rhythmic, layered samples of voices and synths sustain a momentum and resplendence the likes of which are found on records like the sublime Missa Luba by Les Trouvadours De Roi Baudoin or Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks. Meegan prepared a special ambient set for tonight’s Glad Cloud performance.

Vincent Dupas and Evan Hydzik have both performed in a variety of contexts both in Chicago and beyond. Dupas hails from Nantes, France, and is known for his work as a solo artist and bandleader with My Name is Nobody, as well as the French punk band Fordamage and as having made regular contributions to Pillars and Tongues’ live sets. Hydzik is a founding and former member of Pillars and Tongues and an electronic ambient artist and film composer in his own right. Tonight marks the debut of the two as a duo, performing work for electric guitar, upright bass, and Casio that takes cues from classic ambient and slowcore bands such as Labradford.