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Verdita crawl, anyone?

via Time Out Chicago:

A popular drink this summer looks more like wheatgrass shot than a partner for tequila. If you’ve been to the Whistler in the past two years, you may have seen the verdita, a sweet-spicy, bright green shot of cilantro, mint, pineapple, lime, jalapeño and habanero peppers, which is served alongside a shot of tequila or used in the Shrinebuilder, the bar’s best-known cocktail. Last year, Parson’s Chicken & Fish added a verdita to its menu, and this year, Scofflaw and Drumbar followed suit, using variations on the verdita in summer cocktails

Starting around 2009, the Whistler would regularly whip up batches of verditas for bands who played at the venue, but it wasn’t added to the menu until February 2012. Now, it’s available with a shot of Tequila Cabeza or as part of the Shrinebuilder, a play on a chartreuse swizzle, with green chartreuse, falernum, lime and verdita. Since the verdita is labor-intensive—the ingredients are blended, then double-strained—it’s not always on the menu at the Whistler, but it’s available more frequently in the summer.

Stop by for a Verdita. Or if you want to make your own a Shrinebuilder at home, here how.

Wednesday, June 18th: The Dub Connection

Chicago’s dub and reggae scene has a new home at The Whistler, where Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub and friends will present a different theme each month via live music and DJs. Expect to see tributes to legendary dub artists and producers like King Tubby, Lee Perry, and Jackie Mittoo, or nights focused on the sounds from a particular studio or backing band, such as Channel One and Roots Radics. Showtime at 9:30pm. Free admission.

Thursday, July 3rd at The Whistler: RAWS:CHICAGO

RAWS is an intimate party held in a small club in Tokyo, where underground beatheads unite. After a live performance by a jazz band which gets recorded, the beatmakers have an hour to chop up the freshly recorded sample, flip it, and make a beat right there on the spot. San Francisco’s Grown Kids Radio and Chicago’s own are proud to present RAWS:CHICAGO, the first of two US installments of the RAWS concept, with DJs BMajic and King Hippo, jazz band MAKAYA, and beatheads Raj Mahal, Radius, and Phraim.

7pm - 2am

South African rockers the Make-Overs made the long trek to Chicago last weekend to play Do Division and according to our friends in the crowd, they put on one helluva show. Next up: Make-Overs play a FREE concert on Thursday, June 5th at The Whistler with Plastic Crimewave and Dawn Aquarius’ rad new band, Werewheels. You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this one. Don’t kick yourself.

via Gossip Wolf:

Maybe you haven’t nabbed a copy of the 23-artist, three-LP compilation that Whistler Records put together to commemorate the inaugural Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival in 2009—it features artists from the fest, booked by Whistler mastermind Billy Helmkamp, among them Mazes, Bird Names, Mass Shivers, Allá, Matt Ulery’s Loom, and Jim Becker. Well, Helmkamp tells Gossip Wolf that due to a center-label misprint the Logan Square bar got to keep about 1,000 extra unjacketed LPs from that comp. The Whistler has been giving them away from a bin by the front door, but they’re running out! Don’t sleep!

You had better nab your copy soon. They’ll be gone by the time the 2014 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival hits Logan Square on June 27-29.

Saturday, May 24: Odd Obsessions Foreign Film Series & Dance Party Ting!

This month’s feature is another Odd Obsession favorite: Wild Zero

Ace, a rockabilly fan who really wants to be cool, is on his way to seeing his favorite group Guitar Wolf when a strange thing occurs … aliens invade the Earth and people start returning to life as flesh-eating zombies! Enlisting the help of the (real-life) Japanese rock/ punk band Guitar Wolf (and self-proclaimed coolest rock band in the world), Ace and the members of the band get entangled in many misadventures with crazy rock managers in very tight shorts, transsexuals, naked women shooting guns in the shower, and bloodthirsty zombies ready to tear them apart. Leather jackets, loud over-modulated music, laser guitar picks, motorcycles, muscle cars, and LOTS of fire.

(1999 / 98 minutes / Japanese w/ English subtitles)

After the movie you’ll be treated to an all vinyl selection from Impala Sound’s Esteban Lagrue, Dave Mata, Rad Brian, and Nic the Graduate, with special guest (and mean beatmaker) Radius. Cosmos Ray and Daniel Fernandez bless the mic late night as usual.

We’ll be showing a variety of Japanese Exploitation films from the 60’s to current Tokyo shock cinema throughout the night to accompany the music after the Wild Zero screening. Expect some Heavy Dub and Dancehall chunes later in the night.